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NASCO is a community of forward-thinking health plans, leading technology providers and expert talent, and we are constantly looking ahead to identify new technologies, ideas and initiatives that will help the Blues be more competitive. Below are some insights from NASCO’s co-creation community.

Creating Positive First Impressions Through Customer Journey Mapping

You’ve probably heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” The flip side of this troubling truth is that once an impression is made, it’s difficult, if nearly impossible, to change that perspective. This admonition rings particularly true for companies that regularly engage with customers, and is especially critical […]

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Honoring NASCO’s 35th Anniversary

Looking back, 1987 may seem like a simpler time — a time before the world knew what the internet was or what a smartphone could do. On the basement floor of a modest brick building in Sandy Springs, Georgia NASCO began with a simple idea — a desire to help the Blues build a better […]

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Ready To Co-Create The Future of Healthcare?

NASCO is continually innovating. We are developing new products, improving capabilities and increasing sharable services to ensure that our health plan customers remain competitive and aligned with changing market demands.