For more than 29 years, building trusted relationships has been the cornerstone of our success. We pride ourselves in offering a caring and collaborative work environment where associates can thrive in small teams and strengthen their relationships with customers, suppliers and each other.

Above all, we maintain a culture of ownership, accountability and responsibility. We empower our associates to actively contribute to the shared successes of our company, products and services.


Our People

Being a complete Blue-focused company makes us different. Blue Cross and Blue Shield are part of our company DNA and it’s reflected in everything we do. We continually focus on our desire to be the best Blue Plan partner in the industry. The expertise and vast knowledge of our associates, who work entirely on Blue Plan business, help us achieve that goal and differentiate us even further from our competitors.

We’re a company working not only to WOW our Blue Plan customers but also to WOW ourselves in the process. We strive to respect the opinions of each other, to value one another and to support each other’s ideas. Our associates are the glue that holds everything together.

John’s Thoughts on Culture

“A company’s culture is defined by the shared values and practices of the company’s associates. Company culture reflects the way people interact with each other, with customers and with business partners.

Company culture can define a company as much as the company’s products or service offerings. Studies have shown that companies who pursue their goals in a way that is consistent with the company culture routinely outperform their competitors. And companies that can maintain a focus on their basic values during times of change have a better track record of long-term success than companies who lose that focus.

At NASCO we have a very strong and deep-rooted company culture. NASCO has had leaders come and go; we’ve experienced numerous major organizational changes; we’ve more than tripled in size over a five-year period. However, what hasn’t changed is the basic values of our company’s culture — our focus on the customer. It is our strong belief that integrating a focus on our customers’ needs into our mission, vision and values will ensure our success and the success of our customers.

I have been asked many times by associates, business partners, customers and even competitors, “Why is NASCO so successful?” I always have the same answer: “Our associates truly embrace the essence of being a customer-focused organization.” At the core of our company, we have a customer-focused strategy, a view of business that places customers at the center of our business decisions. Being customer-focused is in the NASCO DNA!

As I steer our company down the market highway, maneuvering around obstacles and taking on one challenging new journey after another, I am very careful not to tamper with the essence of our greatness, our focus on the customer. As we become the best product-based shared services company for the Blues, we will also continue to be the best customer-focused company serving the Blues. I view NASCO’s business strategy as ever-evolving, especially these past five years with our explosive growth, but the foundation our culture has been built upon, our customer focus, is as strong as ever.”

NASCO Associate Testimonials:

Barbara Bell-Dees
"We attribute our success to the incredible talent and diversity of our associates."
Laurie Prescott
"There are so many benefits that come with working for NASCO, but I’d have to say the work/life balance, cost effective benefits (specifically healthcare and retirement), ability to have impact in your role and flexible schedules are probably the best."
Mike Kininger
"I like the challenge of working with our Plan customers and coming up with collective solutions to address issues that are impacting their business."
Nigel Birch
“I love the people, the company’s vision, the culture, the opportunity to grow and develop.”