Our Story

Looking back, 1987 may seem like a simpler time. A time before anyone had ever heard of the internet or had an inkling about smartphones.

On the basement floor of a modest brick building in Sandy Springs, Georgia, NASCO began with a simple idea, a desire to help the Blues build a better healthcare system.

What began as an integrated claims processing system for national accounts has evolved to become a robust offering of digital health solutions for Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans.

NASCO’s core administrative platform may have established the foundation, but collaboration and innovation have allowed the company to flourish.

With a history of more than 35 years of service to the Blues, in November 2021, NASCO made the strategic decision to become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan.


Vision — Our Inspiration

What we do has evolved over time but why we do it hasn’t. Our vision is focused on empowering Blue plan business strategies and the future healthcare ecosystem. We’re reimagining and redefining what’s next for healthcare by providing the capabilities and developing the products that create healthier outcomes for healthier lives.


Mission — Our Purpose

We collaboratively provide exceptional value and service through our unique expertise in developing and delivering solutions that enable Blue plans to enhance the member experience.






Join The Team

Ready to Empower the Future of Healthcare?

Backed by decades of healthcare expertise, we’re aligning our strategies, talent and a set of clear priorities to drive innovation. By developing new products, enhancing capabilities and increasing sharable services, we help our customers remain competitive and adapt to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market.