John Ladaga | President and CEO

At NASCO’s helm is John Ladaga, whose vision for the company to be the premier provider of innovative healthcare technology for the Blues is reflected in the positive results NASCO continues to achieve.

John is responsible for setting the business strategy and direction for NASCO and its more than 1200 employees and contractors. Since his arrival in late 2006, John has greatly expanded NASCO’s value proposition by adding numerous new products to the company’s growing portfolio, including, most recently, the introduction of an artificial intelligence engine that is enabling health plans to achieve personalized, one-on-one customer engagement.

John has also been instrumental in developing strategic alliances with some of NASCO’s valued business partners to provide the company’s Blue plan customers with a comprehensive solution under a single NASCO agreement.

John is leading NASCO into the future of healthcare by strategically calculating changes to NASCO’s system and operations to ensure that the company and its plan customers are prepared for the evolving changes within the industry.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Old Dominion University, has completed professional development programs at Thunderbird University and attended the Executive Development program at London Business School.

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