David Weeks | Senior Vice President and Chief Digital and Technology Officer

As NASCO’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer, David Weeks has responsibility for technology innovation and product digital transformation at NASCO and ensuring that we successfully secure and architect our products for the future. David leads our technology office, including collaboration with health tech partners and the ATDC of Georgia Tech, and he oversees the strategic direction of NASCO’s platforms and products. David is an accomplished IT executive with nearly 30 years of experience in technology innovation and business transformation. He has a proven track record of building new teams and transforming existing teams to deliver best-in-class IT products and services.

Prior to joining NASCO, David was a Vice President at Sogeti USA (Capgemini), leading their US Healthcare consulting practice. He spent eight years at Wellmark (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Iowa and South Dakota) and held several positions over his tenure, including CIO, Vice President of Technology, Chief Technologist, and Director of eBusiness and Enterprise Architecture. David is originally from the UK, where he worked for EDS for 14 years and was recognized as the EDS Outstanding Employee of the Year in 1989.

David is a graduate of the University of Buckingham, UK, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business.

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