NASCO Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation and Collaboration

ATLANTA (April 24, 2017) – NASCO, a leader in innovative healthcare IT solutions, is proud to celebrate 30 years of exclusive service to major health plans across the nation. On April 24, 1987, NASCO was founded to provide an integrated system for national account business. Today, NASCO has evolved from solely being a system for national accounts processing into a single-system solution that is capable of serving a health plan’s entire book of business, including national, state, local, large group, small group, individual and government business.

“We recognize that we would not have achieved this milestone without the trust and loyalty of our customers,” says John Ladaga, President and CEO of NASCO. “NASCO was formed to provide effective and efficient processing of national account business for healthcare payers. It’s still what moves us forward after 30 years. We are proud of the fact that we have continued to reliably serve our customers through the many changes in the healthcare environment.” Ladaga adds, “NASCO has adapted not only to technology and regulatory changes, but also to requests made by our customers to improve our products and services, and develop new ones to help them better serve their members. I take great pride in what our organization and our associates have achieved for our customers over the past 30 years.”

NASCO provides the ideal platform for enhanced collaboration and shared solutions among health plans. Shared systems combined with increasing economies of scale enable health plans to serve their members more effectively. NASCO maneuvers through complex business on behalf of our customers—so they can realize value faster and with greater confidence. Providing much more than an integrated membership and claims processing system, NASCO offers a variety of services to our health plan customers. Recognizing the value of our hands-on approach and experience, our customers turn to NASCO first for advice to help meet any payer challenge they may face.

NASCO exclusively serves the needs of major health plans across the nation. As we celebrate our 30th year serving our community of health plans, we remain dedicated to helping our customers build a better healthcare system for America. We are more than just a company. We are a community. We are NASCO.



Bob Meier, Director, Marketing and Communications, NASCO




NASCO provides an integrated suite of information technology products and services designed to solve common business challenges, create cost advantages and minimize business risks for health plans across the nation. NASCO processes over 300 million health claims per year on behalf of over 25 million health plan members. NASCO provides seamless benefit management, eligibility, membership, billing and claims processing support for customers, allowing them to provide competitive healthcare products in federal, state and multistate markets. For more information, visit


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