Mike Malec

Senior Vice President and Chief Administration Officer

As NASCO’s Chief Administrative Officer, Mike Malec has executive leadership for all of information technology, healthcare software products, professional services, major projects and mandates, and business architecture. The consolidation of these groups within a single administrative area allows NASCO to optimize speed to market and drive efficiencies for shared Plan investment.

For the Information Technology division, Mike is the senior executive responsible for NASCO’s infrastructure, customer support and multi-platform code delivery.

For the Products division, Mike guides the strategic direction and oversees development of the full suite of NASCO products, which include claims processing (the NASCO Processing System), our membership platform, benefits tools, provider management applications, and a robust set of surrounding applications.

For the Professional Services division, Mike’s executive leadership extends to staff who provide services to our Plan customers. Our services include benefit coding, business analysis, project management, testing services, business architecture design, and application development.

Mike’s leadership also encompasses business architecture and NASCO’s major projects. These projects include high-impact activities across the enterprise, including work related to the introduction of health insurance exchanges, updates to Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association mandates, changes in government regulations, Plan-specific projects and Plan migrations.

Mike and his wife, Patty, reside in Atlanta and have one grown son.