Jim Veiger | Senior Vice President of Operations

Jim Veiger, NASCO’s Senior Vice President of Operations, is responsible for leading the company’s day-to-day commitments relative to data center operations, application development services, and program delivery. Jim works closely with NASCO’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer to ensure alignment to our technology standards and future direction/needs. With a focus on ensuring operational excellence, Jim and his teams ensure Blue plan customers receive the outstanding quality and service with which they are accustomed.

Before joining NASCO, Jim worked for two different Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio and Anthem), where he served in several roles supporting and managing national account business such as General Motors and Chrysler on the NASCO platform.

During his tenure with NASCO, Jim oversaw the transition of several business areas within operations. The NCSC, technical operations and NASCO’s development teams were all brought in-house and established by Jim during his time in operations. He has led numerous program and product implementations while also leading critical contract negotiations with NASCO’s key business partners (e.g. IBM, Fiserv, BluesNet, DXC and others) that have helped ensure NASCO’s ability to provide services while maintaining/improving our ongoing cost of delivery.

Jim has been a NASCO associate for more than 20 years, but he has been supporting and working on the NASCO platform for over 30 years, helping to ensure the success of our Blue plan customers.

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