Honoring NASCO’s 35th Anniversary

 In Culture

Looking back, 1987 may seem like a simpler time — a time before the world knew what the internet was or what a smartphone could do.

On the basement floor of a modest brick building in Sandy Springs, Georgia NASCO began with a simple idea — a desire to help the Blues build a better healthcare system for national accounts. What started as an integrated claims processing system has evolved into a robust offering of digital health solutions for Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans.

NASCO’s core administrative platform may have formed the foundation, but collaboration and innovation have allowed the company to flourish.

In addition to our products and solutions, our culture has been an integral part of our success.  A true point of differentiation for NASCO is our associate’s commitment to each other and our customers. Our culture is singularly focused on customer success. At the core of our company, we have a strategy that places customers at the center of our business decisions. Being customer focused is part of who we are.

We didn’t get here by jumping on the latest fad or by losing our focus; we’ve built a reputation of stability, security and trustworthiness with our customers. While we honor our past success, we know “what got you here won’t get you there.” As an organization, we are in a phase of transformation. We are working to elevate our talent, resources, products and skillsets to deliver new capabilities to move forward as a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. We are positioning ourselves for future growth and to be part of something bigger within the Blues.

Being in business for 35 years is a remarkable achievement, when you look at how many companies come and go. We don’t take our longevity for granted, and we know we couldn’t have done any of this without your support. Cheers to our shared history and the exciting path ahead.